Sunday, October 12, 2014

Knitting and Garden


After months of on and off work, my Fangtastic socks are done.  They are so named, because of the fangs in the heel, and the bats within the design..  Wendy from Knitter's Brewing Company is a creative designer, so I enjoy her patterns.
These socks do have an interesting side story.  I want to my old high school Friday, because they were celebrating their 50th Homecoming game.  Many Alumni from past years came to the game.  The socks were photographed by a friend, saying I was knitting him socks.   

I've also worked on the Hot Chocolate Run Polar Bear, which supported the Safe Passage charity.  I think the body is too large to the arms and legs, but most still think he is cute.  I will do another soon.
I am enjoying my newest knitting bag.  It was a special limited seasonal release from Slip Stitch Studios.  I found out about the site after hearing a Marly Bird interview.  I'm looking forward to my next bag.


I  was dispointed this year, that most of the seeds I got started, did not survive transplant.  I have a bean plant that has been transplanted twice, and has been doing great.  It has two flowers already, so I hope for several bean pods.  I have a small bean plant that has started slowly.  After wandering through pots, I have found a few remains of transplants that have started to grow.  One I think is from a cotton seed.  A couple others I an still not sure what they are, but I hope will grow and mature.
I hope to check out the home improvement and garden store to see if they have any fall plants.

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