Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GAL #21, #22 and #23

I just skimmed my blog and realized I'm missing squares from the GAL.

This is Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes).  I love the new BBC version, and I have been listening to the complete works of Sherlock Holmes.   I'm even more excited because BBC America just announced they will be showing the series, so I plan to set my DVR, since last I saw, they were still not on Amazon Prime.

My first real console game was an Atari 2600.  When I wanted to learn about computers, I found the 2600 Programming Cartridge was not worth the cost.  Where did I finally find the cartridge?  An Atari Computer Store.  What caught my attention?  The Atari 400 and 800 home computer.  Within a few months, after visiting the store a lot, was my own Atari 400.  It had 16K  (Not Meg), and an audio cassette recorder to store programs.  I later traded a bunch of cartridges for 48K of ram, giving me 64K of ram.  Hard to believe were computers went from there.

I stated that the 2600 was my first real game console.  I said that, because it was not my first console game.  Atari could change games, but my first console only had one game.  There were a few versions, but it was still one single game.  This is the game that changed not only the game console market, but was the first arcade game as well.  The first game was?  Pong!

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