Friday, June 6, 2014

Fiber Crafts

One of my Ravelry Groups (A Fiber Social Media Website) asked about the issues of male knitters.  I thought I'd share my response.


This is an interesting thread. As a straight male, I was encouraged by my mom to allow my creative side to come out. Also growing up as an early computer nerd (starting in the early 80s), I stopped caring about others opinions. My first real fiber craft was counted cross stitch. I saw a project at a craft store, and got told, why don’t you do it? So I did. After several large pieces, and the loss of my grandmother, I asked mom to teach me knitting. The Internet was very helpful too. Even though I lost mom a year later, I kept her in my heart and kept going. Knitting in public is one thing, spinning gets even more people’s attention. I’ve learned to value the opinion of those who’s opinion means something. If your going to look down on me for practicing my crafts, does your opinion really matter to me?

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