Monday, January 18, 2016

Garden and Photography

Here is my garden today.  The cabbage on the left is still growing.  The strawberries still seem to be holding out too. 

Here is a picture I took from my Starbucks of the mountains:
We have had a few good storms to give the mountains snow, but it has also dropped temps in the city.
If you look carefully at this picture, you will see frost on the leaves of the cabbage.  This seems to be a very good batch of plants, as normally my garden is finished by now.


I invested in a new camera.  My Canon Rebel XT has been replaced with a Canon Rebel T6i.  The two big differences, it a touch screen and Wi-Fi ability.  I can use the my Wi-Fi and download pictures directly to my iPhone.  I'm able to keep my zoom lens, and some of my old filters. 

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