Monday, December 22, 2014

Weather, December and Knitting Stuff

This foggy picture shows the unusual fog we had for a couple days.

I have been to many light events this year.  Ethel M's Cactus Garden (Decorated in Christmas Lights), Opportunity Village's Magical Forest and Glittering Lights.

Because of the garden and one cat, I purchased two live trees this year.
 One with regular lights and the larger with solar lights.

I joined a knitting bag club, but I can but what I want, if I want.  The first one I had to join was Doctor Who "Exterminate".
Then for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I found more.
I do have another on order, but they won't be released till Later in January.  It includes all of the Doctors.  This will be my real project bag, as it will be the larger tote.  January will be Monty Python's Holly Grail.  (Darn, another bag).

Scarf, with the pattern from one of my Fall Men's Knitting Retreat Friends.
I have two other scarves going, but no picture allowed, (Yet!)

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