Friday, March 28, 2014


Time for a reboot!

     Today was the CRT Kick-off Party at my school/work.  The CRT is "The Test", but that is another topic.  I played D.J., but I was more like a M.J. (Music Jockey).  Most of what I played came from my library of Music, including Several "mixes".  One student worried I was bored.  Many asked do I have (?).  Some I did, most I didn't.  I was surprised when they saw songs I had and asked if I could play that next.  One request was "Ghostbusters", the original.  Another asked for "Monster Mash".  Some of the old songs are still popular.,

    Was I bored?  How could I be bored, which playing great music, most of which were songs I enjoy, and seeing them have fun?  After work?  I came home, pulled out the my spinning wheel out on the patio, took my iPad, and played many of the mixes I didn't play at work, till the sum went down.  Music has been a big part of my life.  70's top 40, Disco, Big Bands, into the 80s and Top-40, MTV, the local version of MTV, Channel 21, to a Girl Friend and The History of Rock Music, where I gained more serious respect for 60s and 70s too, along with more Metal and Hair Bands.  Now you add Jazz and Broadway, and my library just goes in too many different directions. 

    In other news, Kyle Busch is on the Poll for Martinsville.  After that win last week, the whole JGR team is really getting a good start this year.

     Food?  I decided to try a pear jam.  Looks similar to a chunky apple sauce.  can't wait to eat it.  Just dried two more stalks of celery.  Still have two more.  Saw a recipe for a Pina Colada Jam.  I have a couple pineapples that need processing.  I also found want to do a Banana Bread, made in the slow cooker.

     Fiber?  Finishing a pair of Traveling socks.  I have other pairs waiting too.  My Zinnia is almost ready for a second color color A.  I finished the 3rd bobbin of black Icelandic Wool.  One more and I can ply it off and start on finishing the white.  The Grey is done already.  After I have all three colors, I can start on my sweater.

     I promise to add pictures and more details.

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