Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Tour De Fleece, Day 5

On to day 5.  Since I plied yesterday, time for a new braid of fiber.  I did not realize I had another Greenwood Fiberworks braid.   This one is called Spice Market, and is a BFL.  Blue Faced Leicester is another breed of sheep, that is often soft, and easy to spin.  I do love the browns and reds, and it is fun to spin.

I'm trying something new today.  Instead of using the regular flyer, and the standard bobbin, I decided to try using the standard bobbin with the jumbo flyer, as it is easier to control how the fiber goes onto the bobbin.  It is working out fine, and I might stick to the jumbo flyer.

Here are a few pictures of my wheel from different angles.

Yes, I am sitting in a plastic chair.  It is the right height, and it comfortable while I spin.  Here is my bobbin after a couple hours. 

Tara was out wandering about today.  Here, I think she was watching a bird.  Yes, she does chase birds, lizards, mice and insects/bugs.  I tried to get a picture of the dragonfly in the back yard today, but I need to charge my better camera.

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