Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wine and Paint Night #2

I had so much fun with work and Paint Night, that I went back the following Saturday for more.  I stopped every few minutes and took a picture of my progress.  I plan to return later this month for another class.  Van Gogh Meets the Dr.

Back to the blog / Garden

I know I've not been keeping up with my blog. Photobucket decided they need to charge quite a bit to allow users to post their picture on a third party site.  Not being a professional blogger, $400 per year was too much.  I'm now moving my stuff to Google, so I might rebuild the blog, or just begin from here.

It has been a strange winter here.  We have not had a below 32 degrees freeze since last winter (Dec 2016.  My Fall garden, of the plants that survived the colder temps, are already growing in the warmer temps. I have not gone to the nursery yet, so no new plants.

These are my cauliflower plants.   The largest is almost the size of my fist already.   I'm looking forward to steaming these.

These are broccoli plants.  The plant on the right started to grow in the Fall, the left one just started.  I let my broccoli plant bloom last year, so I did not get to harvest them.  I do not plan to repeat that this year.

These are cabbage plants.  I let the cabbage grow out before I could use it.  Looks like we are going to get cooler weather for a few days.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why Star Wars is an influence in my life

Why Star Wars is an influence in my life
I woke up this morning, one of the first things I saw on Facebook, that today was the official 40th anniversary of Star Wars.  The first post I saw was the original movie theater trailer for the movie.  The trailer was just a bunch of random scenes from the movie.  I think that the movie’s popularity came from word of mouth vs. the original trailer.
Many young friends refer to this movie as Star Wars: New Hope, or New Hope.  I still will refer to this as Star Wars, because it was that when it originally came out, and not until later on did it become episode 4.  I probably saw the movie the first time just before my summer vacation started.  This was the end of my 4th grade year.  I do not remember going to the movies very often when I was younger, but I do remember that I saw this movie at least a half dozen times. This included visits to the drive-in theater.  Sadly, every place I might have seen the movie, is no longer movie/drive-in any more.
This movie was the beginning, I believe, of the influential science fiction (sci-fic) movies.  Two years later, both Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica released as movies.  By the 80’s, sci-fic was a much bigger influence on my generation. 
So why would a single movie’s anniversary mean something to me?  It is a movie that came around at an influential time in my life, and never wants away.  I recently read a remastered version of the original Marvel comic series from 1977 of the Star Wars movie.  I remember getting the larger version of the comic book series, after the movie came out.  I remember also visiting a friend of the family and finding out Marvel had continued the series.  I just started reading the current version from Marvel Comics of Star Wars and Star Wars: Darth Vader (2015-Present).  The stories take place between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. 
I continue to wait mostly patiently for the new movie, as well as other sources, including cartoons, comics, text and games.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update on 52 Card Pickup

After being given a break (Still no details to be released), my 52 Card Pickup is back in progress.

Side A
Side B
I'm not going to say front/back, as there is not a  front nor a back.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Garden Update

Here is most of the garden now.

The cabbages are still getting bigger.  The largest of them are starting to flower.
I didn't think my strawberries were doing much, till I took a closer look a few days ago.
I have flowers, and I think a couple are already starting to grow.
Both brussel sprout plants are doing well, and I found a bee while taking the picture.
I have several different plants here, including tomatoes, peppers (bell and chili), squash and cucumber.  
My mater root is really starting to grow.  Something else is trying to grow there also, but it will be battling the mater.
Of my mint plants, this one is doing the best.

Most pictures are in my photo album for the blog.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Garden Update

I know I have not been posting lately.  I have been working on a knit project that I have been contracted to knit.  No details till the designer releases the project.


Here is the main garden.  I have added new plants since I expanded my garden.
Most of the plants in this area were planted last fall.  (Cabbage, Strawberries and Onion).  I have beans and peas in small pots.
The new plant that has some height is a brussel sprouts plant.  I saw my first flowers from this plant today.
These are mostly tomatoes and peppers.  I tried to start cucumbers from seeds, but I saw later in the day that I'm not sure the seeds survived transplant.
Here is mint from last fall.  I do have some mint I had growing at work that came home.
This is my experimental garden.  I have Matter Root plants growing here.  Over winter break I took all the roots out for one of my Guild members.  She will be using these for our dyeing event later this year.  She let me keep a few roots that had sprouts on them.  I later planted there in here, because they take over where ever they grow.  Some of the sprouts from the roots are growing.

I tried to plant a live Christmas Tree, but it was not doing well.  I found a small pine over the weekend that is suppose to not need a lot of water or maintenance.  I hope to be growing it for a small Christmas Tree next year for decorating outside.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Past Memories

Thanks Patrick
Approximately on this day, (The Day after MLK Holiday), Twenty-Nine years ago, I left to go to Boot Camp for the U.S. Navy.  I was suppose to report early Monday morning, but Monday was a holiday, so I had to report on Tuesday.  I remember recognizing a classmate that day who was going to Army Boot Camp.  I left Phoenix, and arrived in Great Lakes, IL very early that day.   With very little sleep, we didn't get to barracks till the next night.